Month: November 2006

The Executive Director and the Carpenter

In a small village in the rural part of the Netherlands lived a simple carpenter. In his life he had only enjoyed the most basic education, having learned the job from his father who in turn had learned it from his father. This carpenter had a most peculiar way of organising his work. Early in the morning he would go to his workshop on the other side of the street from where he lived. He did not like to work following some plan, so he entered the workshop and started the day by looking around....

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What is wrong with UML?

We find it so hard to cope with complexity in IT, that every time an evolving standard, like UML, is becoming too complex, we tend to drop it in favour of something new. The new being, because it is new, simple and understandable. While it lasts … We see this with the rising popularity of Ruby. Developers are flocking to this new thing as if mesmerized, disillusioned by the complexity of delivering value with the Java frameworks. Now there are two reasons something can be complex. In fact I...

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