Month: July 2008

The Dead Simple Squeak Tablet For $200.

Michael Arrington has created a little buzz with his blog post We Want A Dead Simple Web Tablet For $200. Help Us Build It. We can do better. Instead of Linux and Firefox, the Smalltalk system will provide an open-access environment on this thing, even for many end-users because the development environment will be part of the system. It will of course be called the Stablet. It will contain a multi touch screen, which by the way will be running with probably no modifications on the iPhone and the...

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In Good Order, Smalltalk

Smalltalk programmers have, for a long time, looked at their Smalltalk image with mixed feelings. They were happy to immerse themselves in the world of objects and learned to live in it like a dolphin in the ocean (which, as you know, was originally a land animal, turning to the sea), and make grateful use of the facilities it offered because code, applications, and objects lived in the same space happily together. They were also slightly envious of other, less productive languages, where you...

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