Month: September 2008

Smalltalk on bare metal blog

Nice blog by Cees de Groot about the SqueakNOS project that has been revitalised. This project has my special interest since it clearly demonstrates some features of Smalltalk in the sense of it’s completeness. We are not talking programming language. We are talking system.

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The Smalltalk Trap

Smalltalk’s fundamental flaw Smalltalk’s blessing – or curse? The writing is on the wall. The signs are unmistakeable. Smalltalk is back, on the beginning of a new success journey. I will not write about why I think this is so in this blog. I want to concentrate on my opinion that, unless as a Smalltalk community we make some radical moves, this success spiral will be a spiral into death. Not hibernation, which more or less defines what happened to Smalltalk in 1995. Death....

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Video of eXploratory Modelling at ESUG2008 available

Today James Robertson published his video of my talk on eXploratory Modelling at ESUG2008. Have fun watching it, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or if any part of the presentation was unintelligible because of the noise or such. The presentation was done without a microphone, and I guess James did a great job getting the sound quality to acceptable levels.

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