Month: September 2011


Introduction Facets is the label I want to put on a metaphor for designing domain-centric architectures and systems. It has emerged from a growing dissatisfaction with how software engineers have been thinking about the way systems should be designed, and how these systems are supposed to be delivering value to their users. It refers to the facets of gemstones, each facet reflecting the something of the outside world and adding or augmenting to it from the gem itself. These facets represent the...

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Service Architecture Framework

The Service Architecture Framework or SAF describes a simple implementation in Java of a publish-subscribe mechanism for domain objects. This is a simple and effective strategy to implement a plugin-like architecture for domain driven design. We have written about Business Centred Architectures (in Dutch: Business Centred Architecturen) in which you could see some examples using Smalltalk. There is example Java code available on GitHub: Project...

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