Month: November 2012

The satellite model

The satellite model is an alternative representation of complex architectures that is propagated by me as a more helpful metaphor than layered models or complex graphs. It helps because it centres on the centre: the business or company domain. The model re-appears in many articles on my site, and in some representations by other authors: Alistair Cockburn Hexagonal Architecture Robert Martin’s plug-in architecture Eric Evans’ Domain Driven Architecture Model-Driven Architecture (OMG) This...

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Architect Scrum

Scrum for architects: how scrum helps architects to create and sustain an enterprise-wide architecture process. Slowly we are learning how to use the simple format of short standup sessions, called scrum, to help teams in sustaining impetus. A scrum session typically lasts only 10 minutes, with the participants standing. Discussions, opinions, or other ego-vehicles are not allowed, or the format just does not allow for it. Each participant summarises three aspects of her/his contribution to the...

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