Month: December 2012

Togaf and GERAM

Handbook on Enterprise Architecture (International Handbooks on Information Systems) Some time ago I read this book on Enterprise Architecture, which is a compilation of various chapters about the GERAM framework for Enterprise Architecture. While very extensive it seems that GERAM is dead. The last publications on the standard date at least 5 years back. The latest version seems to be 1.6.3, dating from March 1999. The only document on the TOGAF website referring to it is from 2004, attempting...

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EA Professional Oath

(December 2015 – Note: CAEAP seems to have expired, the original link no longer works) The Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession (CAEAP) has created something that on first sight seems like a very good idea: the Enterprise Architect Professional Oath. The oath itself is one of eight what they call “pillars” of the profession, though from the website it is not yet entirely clear what the other 7 are. For that you need to download the CAEAP brochure...

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