Month: July 2014

The need for clarity

In the Netherlands we have this saying when we want to describe how we “translate” complex documents in esoteric language for a larger audience: “Jip en Janneke taal” (the language of Jip and Janneke). Jip and Janneke are the names of the two main protagonists in a series of  children’s novels by a great Dutch writer, Annie M.G. Schmidt. The series was written in the period between 1952 and 1957 and is still required reading for kids all over...

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What is it an architect actually does?

During a conversation the other day I was asked: what was it exactly you did as an enterprise architect with that organisation? This question was asked by a manager of a staff department responsible for architecture, especially enterprise architecture. I attempted to explain my approach to architecture in general: which people to involve, how to ensure alignment with the “floor”, the synchronous establishment of bottom-up as well as top-down transformations, how to grow architecture...

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Everyone’s an architect

Sometimes you encounter people who say: “I’m an architect.” I usually respond with: “Everyone’s an architect.” Why? An architect is not a label for a specific kind of person. Well in practice it is, but it should not be. What kind of person is associated with “architect”? Well, it depends. Usually it is “expensive”, or “old” or even “obsolete”. Or it might be: “superhumanly smart” or “using esoteric...

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