Month: December 2015

The Bonobo Architect

To successfully implement architecture in an organisation, whether a project or a multinational enterprise, the architects’ character is key. Obviously. We all know the human factor is paramount. Don’t we? Especially in politically charged organisations (which organisation isn’t?) all kinds of ideas about leadership and effective character attributes abound. To an extent some of these ideas are supported by accumulated knowledge about human biology. Or maybe I should say animal biology. About...

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SmallSim is a business simulation tool. It helps building complex business models, and then execute these models. With SmallSim you create executable models. The important differentiating characteristic of SmallSim is that SmallSim is not only executable, but it executes inside a full-fledged simulation environment. These business models can be the centre of a business-centred software architecture for enterprise systems (also called the Business Domain or Domain Component). Using...

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Introducing LogSim Note: LogSim is not to be confused with the British company Logistics Simulation Ltd., or with a log-making simulation program from HALCO Software. LogSim is a process modelling and mining tool. It aims to help in creating executable business process models with extensive analysing capabilities. LogSim is a business process modelling tool with integrated simulation facilities. In LogSim you not only build business models, but you execute them, you let them run while the software...

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