Month: March 2016

Logging architecture decisions

Or: don’t use the architecture Decision Log as a control mechanism. Tempting isn’t it? All those architecture decisions get logged there. Favourite pastime of the control-freak enterprise architect: review the logged items and write comments on them, reset their state from accepted to rejected. Don’t. Well, let them log. Let them review. Let them improve. But don’t interfere unless absolutely necessary. And with necessary I usually mean: you have something to bring to...

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Grass-roots architecture governance

Introduction Most people I work with think of architecture governance as something imposed upon the populace from above. They see architects operating from a kind of control tower: architectural guidelines and rules, constantly fighting to uphold the norms they themselves concocted. I do not think that will work in the long run. For me, architecture governance works much better when it self-organises from the roots. For that, a simple model has been created that I would like to share with...

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