Month: January 2017

The Live Domain

Conway’s Game of Life Prompted by an old discussion on Reddit (link expired), kicked off by the question: “Please explain OOP to me in the language of a five-year old”, I found myself musing on the reasons computing seems to stay stuck in the Middle Ages. It is not for lack of great minds or vision. In fact, I have the impression, the problem seems to be that nobody ever seems to read anything. Why is that? Is there some kind of unspoken consensus that, since we are in the area...

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Architectural Styles and ReST

Introduction Realising a consistent approach in your implementation projects is quite a challenge. One of the tools I have applied successfully is to introduce some kind of reference architecture or a reference model, or even better: both, in a reference implementation. This document outlines a high-level application architecture that I have found to be very useful in building such a reference implementation. Goal I try to provide an umbrella presentation of application architecture principles. Target...

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The ArchiMate metamodel

This article introduces a complete, navigable and clickable representation of the ArchiMate metamodel standard. The model is created using UML. This is not because I wanted to translate ArchiMate into UML, but because UML should be well-suited to define a language such as ArchiMate in. And after all, also the standard itself defines its metamodel using something that looks like UML. In fact I think the ArchiMate forum should decide to formally specify ArchiMate in UML and “own” the...

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