1. Hi Rob, a question regarding this.
    Let’s say we want to add functionality to our object. When applying this pattern, it means more objects through inheritance. But that would mean strong coupling (I don’t want to use inheritance n concrete objects).
    Do you know how to deal with this?

  2. Last time I felt the power of this pattern. Instead of refactoring existing (stable) functionality – it is easy to clone method, edit the body/parameters of method, and use it in necessary context. When activelly coding – next you will realize that new method also has very different context of invocation, diffetent call-time, sometime – different assembly.So there were no need of refactoring (reusing) effort.
    From evolutionary prospective – it is more efficient to have few copies (alternatives) of functionality in project. You will be able to monitor and track behavior, real cases – and basing on that experience – make a dicision about further reuse/refactoring.

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