Digital Twins Done Right

My gosh, everyone is now writing about Digital Twins! I should be delighted, you’d assume. Someone within Gartner must have resonated with some article of mine from 20 years ago… A few examples: 1991: A simulator of complex ecosystems: https://www.reflektis.com/blog/a-beehive-simulator/ 1996: Buffered Database Communication: https://www.reflektis.nl/blog/gisi-gebufferde-database-communicatie/ (sorry, only in Dutch)… and many more I fear Well, not really. In the first place,...

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Intro TOGAF defines its process or method in something called the ADM: the Architecture Development Method. It is usually represented by the illustration below, with the familiar arrangement of circles around Requirements Management, which has come to be the iconic representation of TOGAF. The Architecture Development Method Waterfall mindset The Open Group itself is clear on the ADM in that it is not necessarily a waterfall-like process (although it can be executed in such a fashion). It is supposed...

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Logging architecture decisions

Or: don’t use the architecture Decision Log as a control mechanism. Tempting isn’t it? All those architecture decisions get logged there. Favourite pastime of the control-freak enterprise architect: review the logged items and write comments on them, reset their state from accepted to rejected. Don’t. Well, let them log. Let them review. Let them improve. But don’t interfere unless absolutely necessary. And with necessary I usually mean: you have something to bring to...

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Legacy Migration

Domain Driven Design has been proving to be a powerful technique for designing complex software systems for many years. The publication of the book by Eric Evans Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software marked the start of a period in which this design technique has been named Domain Driven Design explicitly, but in fact it has been a “secret” of master modellers for many years. This article, divided up in several chapters, will introduce a strategy to use DDD for...

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