1. I’m mostly an open-source zealot, but i think the most difficult question to answer for a programing language developer is how could i make money with open-source ?
    I think it’s easier for an open-source framewok, because you could sell services. I think we should see how others open-source programming languages are working on this.

  2. My current impression reading the comments on the Dolphin decision is that most problems with open source center around the profit-making problem (for example James Robertson’s response in the VWNC mailing list). This is an interesting issue. You correctly comment on selling services as opposed to selling products. But I am sure that is not all, though a lot could be said solely about this aspect.

  3. And yet… there are programmers all over the world who make money while participating in open source efforts. Open source is nothing more than people collaborating with code. In fact, most Smalltalk communities are very open source with regard to the code they have in the image. We modify it, we pass it amongst ourselves. Sometimes, there’s room for a paid-for product in there, some times there isn’t. I have no sympathy with “anti-open-source” people. Open source is just a natural outcome of people collaborating.

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