1. I would say, a Slashdot response would be; yet another solution or another ”next big thing”.
    Not that I would agree, knowing your Smalltalk background. Your solution sounds an awfull lot like a smalltalk image solution and some projects underway in the squeak community, but I may be mistaken.
    Depending on your time of announcement and the capabilities of your system at the time of announcement there will be a small group that will be enthousiastic, but you are not as big as Google and therefore less interesting to the crowd than Android.
    I don”t know your opinion on OpenCroquet, but to me the slashdot responses to this system are more then telling; a lot of people don”t get it, but some do and that’s the crowd you need. Slashdot is thé platform to reach that small group of people.
    I think it sounds interesting.

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