We launched our new websites and logo!

Last Friday, after some weeks of hard work, we launched our new websites, with a totally redesigned style and logo. There are still a few hick-ups (such as an SSL certificate that is not working properly, causing problems on the https versions of our sites 😢), but those will be repaired soon.

These are the most important changes:

  • The function of the sites has changed
    • robvens.nl is now entirely Dutch, targeting a recent addition to the portfolio of Reflektis: mediation, conflict coaching and negotiation, under the umbrella name “Rob Vens Mediation”
    • reflektis.nl/.com is all about enterprise architectuur, under the umbrella name “Reflektis”
  • My blog (articles on anything from enterprise architecture to philosophy) has been moved from robvens to reflektis: www.reflektis.nl/blog (Dutch articles) and www.reflektis.com/blog (English articles)
  • On robvens.nl we started a new blog (sorry, entirely Dutch for now) on mediation, conflict coaching and negotiation: www.robvens.nl/blog. Rob Vens Mediation is internationally active and available, but our primary focus for now is on The Netherlands.
  • The Dutch site of Reflektis can now be found on reflektis.nl, the English on reflektis.com. We are working hard on vast improvements on the sites’ bilingual abilities.
  • We are house-cleaning on the social sites as well. From now on Reflektis and Rob Vens will only use Twitter and LinkedIn. Rob Vens Mediation on Facebook and LinkedIn. The Twitter account Rob Vens used will be deactivated, the Facebook accounts of Rob Vens and Reflektis as well. Do you follow us on accounts that become active? Please start following us on the active ones!

More developments are in the make, but for now we hope you can appreciate this facelift!

The new branding has sprouted from the creative minds of Echelon Creations, thank you Arnd-Jan Blok, Elisa Salentijn!


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