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It started with object-oriented programming (in Smalltalk/V), building simulations, modelling business processes, teaching (OO, Software Analysis and Design and Design Patterns). Then Rob Vens developed various architecture training courses and master classes. He did quality audits and worked as mediator. And now he is ideally placed as an independent entrepreneur with a wealth of experience of organisations and “people who do things”. Rob’s focus is on enterprise architecture. He is TOGAF and ArchiMate certified.

Rob Vens

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“I believe an architected enterprise is much more effective in dealing with change and in utilising technology to meet business needs. I help empowering businesses and relegating technology to its proper place, so that we can use it instead of being used by it (or by the parties that try to sell technology to us). I help enterprises to become much more in control of themselves, and improve the synergy between the various endeavors. Although I am well versed in ICT I see myself as business-centred, which you can even see reflected in the actual |CT architectures I have created and advocate!

My strength is activating the best in people and their capabilities. In order to achieve those goals I use my broad and deep experience and knowledge, ranging from “hard”​ technology to “soft” coaching and people management.

I am also a certified register mediator, conflict coach and negotiator, helping people and organisations to achieve their goals by resolving conflicts.

In order to help others and myself learn and grow I always felt it best to combine my consultancy work with creating and giving training, in enterprise architecture, UML, BPMN, and requirements engineering, areas in which I have become expert. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from the agile movement, applying those ideas in both technology development as in business development. I have been coaching architects and agile teams since 1995, and was probably one of the first to apply scrum in my country.

I am an active blogger and I welcome you to read my articles to know more about the principles I derive my effectiveness from.

I would love to help you and your business to apply and develop enterprise architecture in a much more effective way. Being able to combine my long-term experience in integration architecture, process architecture, application architecture and business architecture, I believe I have lot to offer.”

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