Consultancy Reflektis


At Reflektis we prefer to see ourselves as a ‘coach’ rather than a ‘consultant’. Of course we consult, but we feel a lot of responsibility for the actual process and we want to deliver, just like our clients, the best possible result.

We are convinced organisations will perform better as a result of our integral approach. We accomplish this by taking all processes into account. We involve the entire organisation with the architecture. That is what Enterprise Architecture is about in the first place: make a whole out of a set of more or less connected parts, turn the whole into a well-oiled machinery. Creating an enterprise architecture function in your organisation is part of that effort. You will need to make sure the architect and strategic management understand each other, and that you have people on all levels of the organisation with competences and skills to work with architecture.


Depending on the situation we use architecture audits, service-oriented architecture or legacy migration to help the organisation in implementing the architecture function. Also we work with TOGAF™ and ArchiMate® (we are certified in both). In itself that is not enough. Modern organisations are required to be ‘agile’ enough to be able to change course efficiently. Reflektis is internationally recognised as an expert in the area. With strategies like test-driven working, continuous integration, self-steering teams with empowered individuals, and holocracy, we coach management and teams to realise marked improvements in productivity within a period of weeks. We also use methods like scrum and LEAN.

More about Enterprise Architecture

Reflektis specialises in Enterprise Architecture. We help organisations to stand on their own legs. Even better: we help you to make you run faster! We are a relatively small player in the market, and our target is not to make many hours. On the contrary: our primary goal is to make ourselves scarce.