Enterprise architecture — a holistic approach

Reflektis has a unique approach for bringing organisations ‘under the architecture umbrella’. Often most of the focus (and certainly the costs!) in managing change goes to ICT processes. With Reflektis we involve the organisation as a whole. Reflektis enables and facilitates a cross-discipline cement throughout the organisation, next to and complementary to the executive layers each organisation already has in place. We also see architecture as the perfect tool for leveraging subject-matter expertise in organisations, on all levels. We make sure an organisation is ‘agile’ and continues to be so. You are then able to steer on a day to day basis and change course, without dramatic consequences for the architecture.

Enterprise architecture enhances effectiveness

Our mission as Reflektis is to improve the maturity of the architecture function in organisations. Apart from methods and certifications such as TOGAF, SEI, IASA, Reflektis differentiates itself by focussing on the establishment of a solid architecture process within organisations. We see this process as the most important component of what is often called ‘architecture-centric’ working. Architecture-centric contributes to the performance of organisations in a visible and measurable way and not just confined to the ICT department!

Of course Information Technology has a special position. In modern organisations it is so much interwoven with the business that from a value perspective it has become comparable to another primary asset of companies: people. Reflektis has a vision that information technology is an extension of human activity. Enterprise architecture is the substantive foundation of that extension. This makes it possible to help people interact more effectively with each other, but also with the systems they use.

Therefore we see enterprise architecture as an enhancer of the entire organisational process. Employing it has considerable impact on all levels in the organisation, from the business to IT, from the board room to the shop floor, from project to line, top-down ánd bottom-up.

Positioning enterprise architecture in organisations

In order to tackle organisation-wide issues, organisations often hire consultants, IT specialists, or enterprise architects to help them. The issues vary from mergers, penetration of new markets, or problems in reaching targets. We often see that the focus is on one aspect of the organisation. IT systems are procured or replaced, with all due consequences. Business processes are adapted and functions and personel is moved. At Reflektis we do not believe in that approach.

A good enterprise architect services the organisation as a whole. (S)he is the mediator, the enterprise architect, who realises synergy between all parts of the enterprise.

What we offer

Reflektis offers products and services across the entire spectrum of Enterprise Architecture:

  • An Architecture audit to determine the best opportunities for improvement
  • Introducing and bootstrapping Enterprise Architecture in your organisation
  • Coaching enterprise architects
  • Help with issues while implementing Enterprise Architecture, with pragmatic consultancy and service-oriented architecture
  • Migration of your legacy systems into a new and future-proof architecture using our Legacy Migration strategy
  • Temporary capacity in periods of hefty transformations

Training and on-the-job support

Reflektis helps architects to operate more efficiently within their organisations. We can do this by coaching architects and teams, for example in the application of TOGAF. We can help as well with an interim Enterprise Architect who implements the enterprise architecture function. To further help you we offer a set of training courses:

We do not abandon our trainees after a training course. We remain available and coach you afterwards ‘on-the-job’.

Interim Enterprise architect

The interim enterprise architect can help to optimise profit from day one and can substantially contribute to the maturity of organisations.

In addition to that he helps with clearly defining the requirements for a permanent enterprise architect function. The job function becomes clear and the related responsibilities explicit.

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