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Agile Coaching

Reflektis coaches not only individuals, but also teams to get organisations to work under architecture in an agile way. This process demands a major effort on all levels of an enterprise. We feel committed in helping you with this process from start to end.

Individual Coaching

Enterprise architects or CIO’s are not only required to have a lot of technical skills. Above all the architect needs a set of social and communicative skills to do the job. Seniority and sensitivity are needed to cooperate with management and people on all levels of the organisation.

We coach professionals on strategic levels, within projects, departments or organisations. This is an intensive process were we aim for concrete results on the improvement of architecture (and architects) in the entire organisation. Our coaching involves at least the following:

  • Making roles and responsibilities of the professional himself, as well as the people involved, explicit
  • Helping you reach a substantive ‘senior’ position in the processes
  • Streamlining processes directly or indirectly influencing the efficiency of architecture
  • Reaching a greater maturity of the architecture process and making it more explicit

Coaching by Reflektis takes place over a period of 3 months, for 1 or 2 half-days a week. After this period we plan two or three review sessions. This is done in close consultation with the wishes and goals of the coachee and their managers. We sometimes involve another coach who participates in the work of the coachee and who is able to share in the work-load. In that case the coach is directly involved in helping improve the enterprise architecture.

As a team we strive in our coaching for a balance between soft and hard skills. We cooperate with other specialists to deliver the maximum value.

Team coaching

Many developers have the necessary technical skills, but have problems with working in teams. Project managers often wrestle with hard-headed professionals. Reflektis coaches teams as well as their managers and project managers. Using agile project management tools and scrum we help teams in acquiring various necessary competences and skills. Examples are:

  • Creating synergy by helping team members to learn from each other and to share
  • Clarifying responsibilities and self-steering
  • Using processes like Scrum and Agile optimally to improve quality and speed
  • Learning how to protect the team from politics and organisational unrest
  • Learning the trick of using the same techniques that the team members already use in their daily job for establishing a project structure, including roles and responsibilities
  • Scaling agile teams (scalable agile)


Additionally Reflektis offers training in specific aspects of Enterprise Architecture.

  • Exploratory Modelling: To dramatically improve your requirements gathering process. Duration: 1 day, with a further 4 hour review session after two weeks.
  • Agile Bootcamp: To kick-off your team in scrum and agile. Duration: 1 day, with a further 4 hour review session after two weeks.

Reflektis provides more training to help you in working with architecture. So please contact us. We would love to come and talk to you about the ways in which we can help. We could also help you get moving again when you have already embarked on an enterprise architecture journey but you are not getting the desired results. Two heads are often better than one!

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