To be an effective enterprise architect you need various skills, but obviously specialistic knowledge of enterprise architecture is required. This is true as well for other participants in the process of implementing architecture throughout the enterprise. Reflektis offers several training courses where this knowledge can be learned. Training is provided both in-company as on open enrolment. We offer five courses in total:

Rob Vens also provides Scrum, ArchiMate and TOGAF training through other training institutions.

These training courses are short, intensive and interactive courses. For optimal interaction we hold a maximum group size of 12. Training duration varies between one and 5 days.

Tailored Training

Reflektis provides training in several related areas of Enterprise Architecture, for example CBD (Component Based Development), TDD (Test Driven Design), DDD (Domain Driven Design), RDD (Responsibility Driven Design). These training courses will be tailored to your organisation.

Your trainer is Rob Vens, or one of the experts in our network. Your trainer is not an academic teacher but someone from the field.

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